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Fuji Lubricant is a high-quality oil designed specifically for use in industrial sewing machines. Its hydro-treated base oil and high-temperature oxidation stability make it a reliable choice for apparel manufacturers who want to keep their machines running efficiently.

It’s also great to hear that Fuji Associate is the authorized distributor of Fuji Lubricant products in Bangladesh and has been operating since 2012 with a focus on customer trust and satisfaction. This suggests that customers in Bangladesh can rely on Fuji Associate to provide them with genuine Fuji Lubricant products and excellent service.

Fuji lubricants can provide a range of benefits, including:

Reducing mechanical friction: Lubricants reduce friction between moving parts, helping to prevent overheating and reducing energy consumption.

Reducing wear: Lubricants form a protective barrier between surfaces, reducing wear and extending the life of mechanical components.

Minimizing oil stains: High-quality lubricants are less likely to leak or drip, reducing the risk of oil stains on surfaces or equipment.

Cooling moving elements: Lubricants can help to dissipate heat, preventing overheating and damage to moving parts.

Running at maximum speed: By reducing friction and wear, lubricants can help machinery operate at its maximum speed, improving efficiency and productivity.

Extending lifetime: Lubricants can help to prevent damage to machinery and extend the life of components, reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Lower maintenance and fewer consumable parts: By reducing wear and extending the life of machinery, lubricants can reduce the need for maintenance and replacement of consumable parts, saving time and money.

Rust protection: Lubricants can help to protect against corrosion and rust, helping to prevent damage and extend the life of equipment.

Reduced noise: Lubricants can help to reduce noise caused by friction between moving parts, making machinery quieter and more pleasant to operate.

Reducing production costs: By reducing the need for repairs, replacements, and maintenance, as well as improving efficiency and productivity, lubricants can help to reduce production costs overall.

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